Why is early colon cancer screening important?


Juan, why is early colon cancer screening critical? Andres, it's really, really important that when we do a colonoscopy we don't find a cancer.

That's what we want to do as physicians, as doctors.

Many, many studies have shown that by removing polyps we decrease the new cases of colon cancer and we also decrease death.

And those two are critical when we do these procedures.

Taking out a small polyp takes literally a couple of seconds or a couple of minutes.

It's very, very easy.

But it's very difficult to treat an advanced tumor — a cancer.

It involves surgery, chemotherapy, and the outcomes might not be as good as removing a little polyp.

Now studies have shown that if we see early colon cancer during colonoscopy and we treat it, the overall survival is really good — it's almost 90% usually.

As opposed to more advanced cancers — what we call the stage IV — where the survival at 5 yearsis actually less than 10%.

By identifying polyps early we can prevent cancer.

And by identifying early cancer we can improve outcomes.

Source: Youtube