PCOS: Trying to Conceive with Ovarian Cysts



I'm Heidi Brockmyre with Fertility TVand these are my tips if you're trying to conceive and you have PCOS.

Polycystic Ovaries or PCOS is the most commoncause of ovulatory infertility, but there are things you can do to help and get pregnant.

There is hope for you.

I've seen it in many patients.

Many women come to me both in myclinic in San Diego and online who have successfully conceived with PCOS.

There is hope.

Here's some really important tips for you.

For one thing, as you probably know, digestive health is crucial.

Now, if you know that youneed to lose weight, even just losing five to ten pounds can make a huge difference.

I would say make sure that you commit to that.

If there is something that you know worksfor you, then go for it.

I don't encourage you to do the yo-yo dieting thing, but ifthere is a healthy way that has worked for you before in losing the weight, shoot forjust five to ten pounds and that can make a huge difference.

Now, generally speaking, it's really importantto have protein with ever meal when you've been diagnosed with PCOS.

You should avoidexcessive carbohydrates, especially the simple white carbohydrates, like white rice, whitebread.

Instead, have whole grains, sprouted breads, sprouted green breads, brown rice,quinoa.

Those types of grains and keep that portion small while you make sure that youhave healthy proteins, organic proteins like organic meat and so forth.

Healthy fats are really great for you.

Avocado,salmon, healthy fats are excellent because they reduce inflammation.

Make sure you havecooked vegetables.

Lots and lots of vegetables are great, but I encourage you to have themcooked rather than uncooked because that can take a toll on your digestive system.

Stress management is also really importantif you have PCOS.

Women with PCOS have a more sensitive nervous system and this can aggravatethe unstable blood sugar levels, as well as your propensity for insulin resistance.

Managingyour stress is really important to managing those blood sugar levels and managing inflammation.

Guided meditations, you can get one on my website, you can get them on YouTube, there'slots of resources.

Breathing techniques, just taking one long breaths throughout the daywhen you're feeling stressed out.

There are supplements that are also reallyhelpful when it comes to PCOS.

One of them is called a Inositol, you may have heard ofit.

There's two forms, there's one that's called Myo-Inositol and another that is calledD-Chiro-Inositol.

Both of these have been shown to help with PCOS, while a combinationof the two can be even more helpful.

It's a natural supplement and it's a form of Bvitamins that in a form that those of PCOS can use and has shown to help with logicallevels and insulin resistance.

B12 is a really important vitamin, especiallyif you are taking Metformin as Metformin can deplete your B vitamin reserve and make itdifficult for your body to absorb it.

Fish oil, healthy fatty acids, also are reallygreat supplement and making sure that you have regular exercise.

Shoot for exerciseeveryday, twenty to thirty minutes.

This will also really help with those stress levels,so you get two benefits with that one.

It doesn't have to be that you're going tothe gym and you're doing some boot camp thing, it could be just a nice, brisk walk, twentyto thirty minutes a day.

You're going to find that these helps with your mood as well becauseoften times women diagnosed with PCOS suffer from anxiety and depression as well.

It's a great idea to also cleanse the liver.

There are a lot of different cleanses out there.

A good supplement is milk thistle,that's a good supplement to cleanse your liver and help to protect it as well.

Make sureyou're avoiding toxins and xenoestrogens that can be found in foods and plastics, so youwant to eat organic.

You don't want to drink water out of a plastic bottle.

I would suggestthat you use organic, non bleached tampons and maxi pads.

It's better to use pads thantampons, but sometimes you have to use a tampon.

Vitamin D is also a really great supplement.

You might want to have your vitamin D levels checked by your doctor, but if not, then Iwould suggest taking about a thousand to two thousand milligrams a day of vitamin D.

These are some starter tips.

Of course, Chinesemedicine is wonderful for helping with PCOS.

Chinese herbs, acupuncture, and acupressure.

I teach acupressure in my online program Total Fertility Wellness.

Also, I have an introductoryself acupressure video.

You can get that free on the link on this video.

That video willhelp to teach you how to use self acupressure, which will increase circulation to your reproductiveorgans and also help you balance your hormones and reduce stress.

Feel free to sign up for that and please leaveany comments in this video.

Feel free to ask questions.

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