How to Make Lavender Lemonade to Getting Rid of Headaches and Anxiety!


How to Make Lavender Lemonade to Getting Ridof Headaches and Anxiety! Headaches and anxiety are closely related.

But what we often do is we take over the countermedication to get relief from a headache.

However, many people are now admitting thatthey don’t get relief from a headache by using the medication available in the market.

Thus, it is time to know the causes of a frequentheadache and use a natural method to cure this issue.

A headache can be caused due to tension, stress,dehydration and other external or internal issues.

Lavender is the best option to deal with aheadache which is linked to any causes.

It is effective to cure the painful and chronicheadaches.

It is a purple plant with different medicalproperties such as antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antidepressant properties.

This herbal remedy is simple to make and consistof lavender-infused lemonade.

It is a sweet drink which you will definitelyenjoy and provides relief from persistent headaches.

After using this remedy you will begin tostore the dried lavender flowers in your medicine cabinet at home.

You can also buy it from health food storeor some of the pharmacies.

Here is how you can mix up the lavender tolemonade and get rid of a headache.

Lavender Lemonade Recipe: Things you need: Raw honey (1 cup).

Water (12 cups).

Dried lavender flowers (1 tbsp).

Lemons juice (1 cup).

Process: 1.

Take a saucepan and boil 12 cups of waterin it.

Add 1 cup of honey to it and let it boil.


Now, remove the heat and add the dried lavenderflowers to it.


Cover the solution and let it stand for another1 hour.


Now, strain the liquid and remove the lavenderflowers from it.


Add 1 cup of lemon juice and stir it well.


Your delicious drink it ready! Why It Works So Well? Lavender has a long history of utilizationas an anxiolytic medication – it’s a viable temperament stabilizer and pain relievingspecialists, and additionally a gentle homegrown narcotic.

The mix of these impacts make it ideal fortreating anxiety and strain cerebral pains brought on by muscle fits and pressure inthe body – protected and powerful, simply breathing in the fragrance of the oil canmarkedly affect the treatment.

While a few researchers stay distrustful – thereare clinical trials and studies on the adequacy and long haul security of the utilizationof lavender in treating cerebral pains, uneasiness, and despondency.

The proof firmly underpins the hypothesisthat lavender is a standout amongst the most effective supposed “nutraceuticals” outthere today.

The Power of Hydration: Numerous migraines are created by the lackof hydration.

In case you’re likewise encountering a dry,sticky mouth, lethargy, diminished pee yield and blockage notwithstanding your cerebralpains, you’re presumably not getting enough liquids.

Hydrating with a juice such as lemonade couldbe precisely what your body needs to reestablish harmony and provides relief from a headache.

Other Ways To Use Lavender To Relax: You can use these methods also to get relieffrom a headache! If you have a dry skin then mix 5 to 6 dropsof Lavender essential oil to your bath water.

On a stressful working day just diffuse 10to 12 drops of Lavender essential oil into the air to get relief from a headache andanxiety.

If you need help to get a peaceful sleep thenadd 2 drops of Lavender oil per ounce of your organic oil (like almond oil or olive oil)for a body oil.

This will help you to relax your mind, improveyour skin and get a sound sleep.

So, now keep the lavender oil or lavenderflower handy in your house to treat the anxiety as well as frequent headaches.

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