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How to lose love handles | How to get rid of love handles | Love Handle Reduction Exercises & Tips


How to Lose Love Handles Fast:Here are some helpful exercises and Tips.

Exercises:Exercise is one of the most essential tips on how to get rid of your love handles quickly.


Leg FluttersThis Exercise makes your back stronger, firm your stomach and eliminates love handles.

To perform this exercise lay down on yourstomach, keep your arms out by your sides and lift your head up a bit.

Once in position, bring your knees and feetup off of the floor and kick your legs back and forth.

Do this Exercise for 30 seconds, relax, andrepeat.


Twisting CrunchesTwisting crunches are a lot like regular crunches.

tone the muscles around your waist and reduceany excess fat.

To perform this exercise, you lift into crunchposition, you raise one knee and try to touch it with your elbow, now left knee to rightelbow and right knee to left elbow.


Standing Trunk TwistsThis exercise is very easy.

All you have to do is stand up straight withyour feet spread out so there's a foot in between them.

You need to make sure your legs and your hipsare stable.

Keep your knees relaxed; Now twist your trunkto the right.

Do this Exercise for 30 seconds relax, andrepeat.


Leg LiftsWhen you are trying to lose your love handles fast, simple leg lifts can help a lot.

So, there are a lot of variations to theseexercises, so it all comes down to which exercise works for you.

You might prefer being flat on your back andlifting each leg a few inches on the ground, or you might prefer the version that positionsyou on your side.


Standard CrunchThis is very effective exercise.

It can eliminate your love handles fast.

This works your obliques and the muscles aroundyour waist.

Crunches can be painful when you are not usedto doing them, but as you get into it, they will be easier and easier.

Go easy and remember to start out slow.


JoggingIf you want to trim your hips and love handles then jogging is a great exercise.

Running works your legs and gluts, which makesyour waist smaller and gets rid of excess flesh and flab.

Remember: you need to start slow, especiallywhen you are not used to running.


BicyclingBiking makes a great Option It will tone your love handles, legs and thighs too.

Eating Right To Lose Love Handles: 1.

Drink More WaterMaintaining adequate hydration is more important to your overall health.

Try to drink at least 8 glasses daily, butyou may even need up to 12 to 13 depending on your age, gender and activity level.

Water is a healthier alternative to any otherbeverage.

This can help you feel fuller faster and mayhelp you eat less overall.

It can also help you get rid of bloating,which may have a positive effect on your love handles.

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