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Everyone is looking for the best exercise to get rid of back fat, but did you know that not all people gain back fat in the same percentages in the same places? It’s true. Depending on your genetic makeup, you may harbor more fat in your upper back or your lower back.

But regardless of where you store the most back fat, there are workouts to get rid of back fat. From using your own bodyweight to dumbbells, here is a rundown of exercises for back fat.



Why Cardio is Important

First and foremost, cardio is key. You need to be turning up the intensity on your cardio sessions, which should be about 60 minutes a day, five days a week. If it seems like a lot of cardio, it is. But there’s a good reason for it.

The truth is that cardio is an important factor in blasting fat. In fact, your body doesn’t begin to burn fat for 15 to 20 minutes after you’ve begun your cardio session. If you only do 30 minutes, you’re barely shredding any fat, which is imperative to lose stubborn back fat.

When it comes to cardio, think of it as an integral part of your workouts for back fat. Incorporate intensive interval training into your workouts. Make sure you stay consistent and intense in these cardio sessions because they will help you see the most results.

How Exercises Tone Your Back

Strength training your back has long been a secret of the stars. A strong back helps improve posture and avoid injuries in the future, so training your back should be a top priority.

But how does one burn back fat with strength training? You will find that exercises to reduce back fat are focused on two things — weight if you’re using dumbbells or a machine, and the slow repetition of the movement.

When it comes to back fat, slowing down your movements will increase the strength of your back, toning it into a shape you can be proud of. And although it can be hard to do slow repetitions of exercises, the results will be incredible.


Lower Back Exercises

There aren’t many exercises to get rid of lower back fat specifically, but the good news is that there are exercises that can help tone this area regardless. You’ll also get the added benefit of strengthening other muscle groups that will make your lower back look smaller.

For body weight exercises, the superman and bird-dogs, both which can be done on a mat, are perfect. They work your back and ab area by keeping you balanced as you go through the motions of these exercises.

Other exercises, like lat pull downs or using a rowing machine, are also beneficial. They don’t target the lower back specifically, but what they do is force your body to use proper posture, strengthening your back, in order to complete the moves.

Remember to keep track of your progress in the gym by recording your workouts. Make sure to vary up your routine every couple of weeks to keep your body from getting stagnant. And stay focused on dropping that lower back fat.


Upper Back Exercises

Push ups and planks are hands down the best exercises to get rid of upper back fat. Because your body is focusing on keeping you from falling to the floor, all the muscles in your upper back will stay engaged.

Boxing is also another great way to focus on your upper back. Punching a bag, or even sparring with a partner in your gym will give you a great workout plus it gives your body a new way to engage your upper back muscles. It’s also a nice way to incorporate upper back exercises with your cardio.

For the weight room, bent over flys are the best exercise to get rid of back fat. This is done by simply taking a dumbbell in each hand draw your arms parallel to the floor, raise them to shoulder height, then back to your sides again.


Yoga is known for many things, but being one of the top workouts to get rid of back fat is probably one you’re not familiar with. But yoga for back fat, with a focus on posture and balance, is a great way for everyone to strengthen their backs without killing themselves in the gym.

Five Yoga Exercises for Back Fat

A full yoga practice will see your back get toned naturally, but for more targeted results, consider doing the five following exercises.


Side Fierce

Side fierce is a pose that is generated with your feet put together, knees slightly bent, hips lowered, and ending with your opposite elbow pushing against your thigh to rotate your chest. This exercise works the upper back as well as your glutes and your quads.


Side Plank

A variation of the plank, this exercise works to rotate your body from the push-up position, resting your entire body on one leg and one arm, with your free arm raised in the air. It is a balancing pose that engages your back, abs, and the sides of your torso for an all-over strengthening exercise.



One of the easiest exercises to do in yoga, Bow is achieved by lying face down while you push your belly button down towards the floor. Then you bend your knees and reach for your ankles, grabbing them from behind you, lifting up. The goal is to get as much of your body off the floor while holding onto your ankles as possible, and this exercise works your whole back.



A yoga exercise that works your back and upper body, the wheel is achieved by lying down on your back, bending your knees with your feet close to your bottom and your hands close to your shoulders, and pushing off of the floor to make a wheel. It is customary to hold this pose for five breaths before sinking back to the floor.



Another yoga pose that can be done while lying on the floor, locust focuses on strengthening your back. It is done by lying on the floor with your legs together and your arms at your sides. Your palms should be facing up. As you breathe in, lift your legs, upper body, and head off of the floor, keeping them in air for five breaths.

Exercises to get rid of back fat are best used in combination with a diet that reduces your overall body fat percentage. This way, you will blast through your back fat while also seeing positive changes in your body elsewhere. Just remember that permanent changes take time, so stick with it.

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