Effective Remedies For Migraines




Prevention magazine makes it ultra-clear the complex migraine systems are painfully real that so many people suffer from. How to get rid of migraines, symptoms of a migraine, and remedies for migraines, are million dollar questions for many.

In order to create a take action plan to get rid of the visual disturbances, throbbing head pain, light sensitivity, nausea, and sometimes full body pain, you need to track your signs of a migraine and work backwards to figure out a plan focused on prevention and then home remedies for migraines relief.

Here are a few pointers that will help you deal with your migraine pain in prevention. Worst case scenario you may have to combine some conventional medicine with an acute awareness to migraines symptoms, and then a specific plan on how to relieve a migraine, and lastly treatment for migraines. Remembering nothing is set in stone because like life, your migraines will always be changing. The key is to start at the root of the issue and figure out what’s causing them.

Stay focused and persistent and you will figure out how to gain control of your migraine pain fast.


Pointers in Prevention of Chronic Migraine Symptoms

Track Your Triggers

The best place to start when you are searching for treatment for migraine pain is to start tracking your symptoms in detail. This can be a major pain in the butt. However, it’s essential to creating your ultimate plan of attack against migraines.

Take notes every time you get a headache, when it happens, what you happened to be doing, and what you had to eat and drink within 24 hours of the pain. Some of the pain triggers could be: coffee, hormones, nitrate foods, MSG, old cheese and luncheon meats, bright lights, loud noises, and even cigarette smoke.

Take Action and Treat Allergies

Researchers are stumped as to why most people that have symptoms of a migraine have runny noses or chronic migraine symptoms up to 3 times more likely in individuals with allergies. If the experts were guessing they would say that inflammatory substances that are set free during an allergy episode are likely to trigger the trigeminal nerve, the main culprits of migraine pain, which makes migraine symptoms more severe and frequent.

Your best plan of attack to get rid of a migraine fast is to take your allergy shot, steroids, or antihistamines, to soothe your allergies and hopefully be your cure for migraine pain.

Take Your Cefaly

You may be wondering what a “Cefaly” is? It’s a safe and effective electric-pulse technique according to the Headache Center at Jefferson University. It’s an FDA approved device made up of a headband that actually sends a light electrical current into your head to help stimulate the upper section of your trigeminal nerve.

The idea is the buzzing will help create an endorphin release and actually block your pain signal pathways within your nervous system. In recent studies up to half of the participants reported less symptoms of migraine headaches after using this device.

A deterrent may be the cost because it runs about $300. Well worth it for some when you’re looking to figure out how to relieve a migraine.


Advil, Motrin, and Imitrex, will help people with the treatment for migraines. They aren’t a solution but they do help. There’s also Cambia which your drink after you dissolve it in water and will provide relieve of migraine symptoms within about fifteen minutes or so. Be very careful though, because each of these options may trigger your silent migraine symptoms and your complex migraine symptoms.

With a doctor’s supervision you may also be able to combine Tristan’s and Cambia in calculated doses.

Get Rid of the Gum

Who would have thought that chewing could have any direct connection ocular headaches or any other type of migraines? A study was conducted that linked the constant and the very stressful chewing action of gum chewing with chronic migraine symptoms. It’s believe the stress on the gums and jaw triggers pain with your TMJ or temporomandibular joint, triggering massive head pain.

Lay Down

Don’t think you’re being a baby when you head to bed at the first indication of any symptoms of migraine headaches. When your temples start pounding laying down will help to get level and off your feet, according to WebMd. However, if this is happening more than 3-4 times a month you will want to look into other treatment for migraine options.

Stop Fasting

Studies show that massive drops in blood sugar can trigger migraine symptoms. Having a bowl of oatmeal in the morning stops the activation of your hypothalamus, the section of your brain that regulates your eating patterns. In other words, you don’t want to bother your hypothalamus at all because that is connected with complex migraine symptoms.

Avoid Pressure Change

We know that weather changes can make your brain feel like it’s inside a pressure cooker. Fact is, more than half of people affected by silent migraine symptoms or complex migraine symptoms are extremely sensitive to changes in temperature and air pressure. Just think about your ears popping when you are on an airplane.

For some people that’s all you need to cause signs of a migraine.

Count Your Omegas

Omega 3s found in chia seeds and fatty fish will help to release compounds that block pain that signals to the nervous system. Stay clear of omega-6s because they are actually triggers for pain. So avoid corn, soy oil, and safflower oil for instance.

Research shows very few people suffering from chronic migraine symptoms who consumed a high omega-3 diet with low omega-6s, actually changed their brain chemicals to have fewer migraine episodes.

It’s worth a shot.

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