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There are various factors contributing to the survival statistics for colon cancer which could vary greatly from person to person according to their age, overall health and fitness and several other factors such as one’s immune system, and socio economic conditions that play some part in the chances of survival of bowel cancer patients.

Mainly, the survival of colon cancer patients depends on the stage of cancer at which it is diagnosed, the earlier it is the easier it is to treat the tumor and cure it completely.

Usually for the patients diagnosed with stage 1 cancer, one year survival rate is highly common, but the one year survival rate is very unlikely with patients that are diagnosed with stage 4 of colon cancer.


Survival of Colon Cancer Patients by Age

Primarily, the survival of colon cancer patients varies depending on the age of the patients.

The rates are highest if the patient falls in between the age bracket of 60-69 years; after that the survival chances deteriorate in terms of years with a decline in the overall health of the patient as an age factor.

[alert-announce]The survival rates hit lowest when a patient diagnosed with colon cancer is of 80-99 years of age.


In men, the survival rate for colon cancer patients is 65% in those aged between 60-69 and 43% of survival rate in men of age bracket between 80-99 years old.


In women, the survival rate is 66% in those aged between 60-69 years of age. In women aged between 80-99 years t6he survival rate of colon cancer patients is 43%.[/alert-announce]

Survival Trends of Colon Cancer Patients

Research has been going on for the treatment of colon cancer and this has, over time, improved the survival rates of colon cancer patients and thus improved the quality of life altogether.

The one year standard survival rate of colon cancer patients in both genders has had a drastic increase over the span of four decades and continues to increase in the survivors with the help of advanced medicines and technology aiming at improving the chances of survival of cancer patients altogether.

Survival of Colon Cancer Patients by Socio Economic Group

It is often perceived and rightly so, that the better the quality of life one has the more chances are of combating any disease and coming out as a survivor.

This goes for colon cancer patients too. The under-privileged class of colon cancer patients is seen to have a low survival rate as compared to the socially and economically sound groups of patients that have 5 to 9 percent better survival chances for five years after the diagnosis of colon cancer.

Survival of Colon Cancer by Stages

The stages of cancer are what one would come across as the widely used scale to measure the chances of survival of the colon cancer patients.

Doctors usually explain the chances of survival of colon cancer patients by the number of years such as 5 year survival or 10 year survival; but there certainly is no hard and fast rule for that. Some patients are reported to have exceeded the survival time their doctors informed them of. While there have been cases that patients were informed of few survival years but their lifespan were not for that longer a duration.

[alert-note]The survival rate by stages isn’t an accurate number however according to studies conducted by cancer researchers; these are the most prevalent statistics of survival rates by the stage of colon cancer a patient is diagnosed with.[/alert-note]

Survival in Stage 1 of Colon Cancer

The first stage of colon cancer is where the tumor is relatively benign (than the advanced stages) and the patient could be easily given appropriate treatment in time to cure the cancer.

[alert-success]People diagnosed with stage 1 of cancer have a survival rate of approximately 95% for the five years after they are diagnosed.[/alert-success]

Women have a slightly higher percentage of survival rates for five years after the cancer diagnosis. The matter is, very few people are diagnosed with stage 1 cancer, since the symptoms are evident commonly in the advanced stages.

Survival in Stage 2 of Colon Cancer

Around 22% of patients are diagnosed with a stage 2 colon cancer, the same reason goes for this one too as it is more evident through signs and symptoms in the advanced stage when the tumor has spread and reached a serious condition.

However, if with regular checkups a patient is diagnosed with colon cancer in stage 2 the survival rate is higher than 80% in men, for 5 years post diagnosis.

In women the survival rate for next five years is 90%.

The difference could be due to one of the facts that colon cancer is more prevalent in men than women.

Survival in Stage 3 of Colon Cancer

This is one of the advanced stages of colon cancer where the lymph nodes are affected by the tumor and the removal becomes essential.

[alert-warning]The diagnosis rate at stage 3 colon cancer among people is only about 24% which clearly means it is diagnosed at the deadliest of stages.[/alert-warning]

The survival in stage 3 of colon cancer also depends on the number of lymph nodes that have been affected by the tumor, along with the blood vessels surrounding the colon.

The survival rate for the next 5 years after being diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer is 63% in both genders.

Survival in Stage 4 of Colon Cancer

The stage 4 of colon cancer is the most critical of all and sadly, most of the patients diagnosed with colon cancer due to the prevalent symptoms, are diagnosed with stage 4 of colon cancer.

Sine in this stage, different organs of the body such as lungs and liver are affected by the tumor, and the removal of it becomes very complicated to treat it for complete cure.

[alert-announce]The survival rate for the next five years in men is 7%; and for women it is 8%, only slightly higher than their male counterparts.[/alert-announce]

Everyone’s body acts in a different way and no one can guarantee the exact survival rate of a colon cancer patient.

The doctors could study each patient’s history and examine their overall health and the condition of the tumor, its stage and growth to determine the approximate survival years, thus it is highly important to consult your doctor about this matter first and foremost.

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