Colon Cancer: Coping and Prevention




Colon cancer happens to be the third largest cause of deaths due to cancer and the number grows in people who have crossed 40 years of age, however the fact isn’t restricted to a certain age group. The good news is, it is a curable disease if proper treatment is sought on time (that is before it affects other organs too beyond damage control) and the preventive measures could be taken to the maximum to prevent the disease from occurring at all.

Coping with Colon Cancer


One has to deal with the emotional and physical effects of colon cancer, and it is common that not only the affected person but also the family of the person goes through an emotionally challenging time.

Consult Your Doctor

In order to cope with colon cancer and the symptoms along with the side effects of the treatments; it is better to consult your doctor about what are you supposed to expect from the whole tenure of the disease. When one has an idea about what to expect, the preparations are done in the similar manner. The doctor could explain you what stage your cancer is in, what the treatment suitable would be for you and what are the preventive measures you could take to restrict the growth of the tumor. This way you could also research on the stage of cancer and your own condition to learn more about the details and be prepared to deal with it.

Maintain Your Ties

In order to cope with colon cancer and the emotional distress it brings, you need to have your support system very strong. These people could be the family members and friends who would be willing to hold your hand and have your back while you battle with the deadly disease. They can also help you with running errands and be of help when you’d be having appointments for consultancy and treatment sessions.

Counseling is a Good Option

In order to deal with the rough times, it is important to seek counseling. It is advisable to go for professional counselors who do not only understand your situation and advise you accordingly; but also understand your symptoms and with the medical knowledge forewarn you as well.

You could also go for a clergyman, social worker or any of your mentors for this purpose to relieve the stress associated with the disease and the apprehensions.

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Preventing Colon Cancer

In order to prevent the colon cancer from recurring; or if you are lucky and have never had it, learning about it could help with avoiding it altogether. Following are the tips you could take help from in order to safeguard yourself against colon cancer:


1) A Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle not only helps you have a healthy body and mind but also helps the body built a protective shield by increasing immunity which helps kill any of the dangerous cells of tumor present in the body.

A healthy lifestyle choice help prevent many of the risks of the colon cancer and keep a balanced body and health regimen which fights against the cancerous cells present in the body and destroys them before they grow into deadly tumors that bring long term suffering and sometimes become fatal for the patient.

2) Understand Your Risks

Unless you do not understand the risks of colon cancer you won’t be able to defeat it or prevent it. Learn about the most common factors influencing the growth of colon cancer such as excessive drinking, eating fatty foods, not exercising etc.

3) Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables along with whole grain foods are highly essential in anyone’s diet and if by nature you are at risk of having colon cancer, that is you’ve had it before or ulcerative colitis, or have a family history of colon cancer than it is very important to take the preventive measures in your day to day routine. Meals high on fiber and proteins and healthy ite4ms (free from excessive fat and calories) help keep the body healthy and reduce the risk of colon cancer.

4) Keep Away from Drinking

In an ideal situation to avoid colon cancer completely, it would be better to keep away from drinking alcohol. But if a need arises and you have to abide by the social norms of conduct, keep it to the minimum (as low as you could). Excessive drinking is one of the major risk factors of colon cancer so it is better to stay on the safe side.

5) Physical Exertion

Daily activities do not count as an exercise but that doesn’t mean one doesn’t move about at all. It is important to be physically active and maintain a workout routine in order to eliminate the risks of colon cancer. People who exercise most of the days of the week are able to maintain an overall health and reduced are the risks of cancer for such persistent sports.

6) Importance of Screening

When you’ve crossed the age of 40, it is important to have regular medical examinations. It helps in determining any diseases in their early stages. Colon cancer is usually diagnosed at an advanced stage thus it is important to prevent it by regular screening with your doctor so to check for the symptoms and if there are some, the treatment could be sought at the earliest.

Lose weight

7) A Healthy Weight Wards It Off

Maintaining a healthy weight helps in keeping off the symptoms of cancer since you would be managing your health alongside too. Secondly, one of the symptoms of colon cancer is sudden and abrupt weight loss, this could be determined when one has a well maintained healthy weight.

8) Quit Smoking

Smoking is hazardous to overall health and that is also a high damage factor when it comes to the risks leading to colon cancer. Smoking kills and it also causes cancer of colon and rectum, thus one has to seek medical helps if you’re a chain smoker and have difficulty leaving it completely.

The preventive measures are important to lower the risks of colon cancer, however there are certain factors that are inevitable such as family history of colon cancer or ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease which increases the risk of colon cancer along with advanced age and deteriorating health conditions.