Cervical screening for women who have experienced sexual assault


It may be easier for you if the persontaking your smear has a full understanding of the particular issuesthat you are experiencing but there's no necessity to disclose.

Everybody whoattends for a smear appointment will be given a basic level of information.

Youmay even want to handle the instruments so that you're familiar with them before weuse them.

Remember a smear test is a collaboration between you and your smear taker.

You should consent to the procedure and you should be sharing thecontrol with them.

If you do feel able to tell us what has happened to you we canmake extra provision for you.

For example we could make a doubleappointment or we could give you the last appointment of that clinic for the dayso that you don't feel as rushed.

If you want to tell us something but don't feel able to say it try writing it down on a piece of paper or card and handing that to us so we can read it.

You can always bring someone toaccompany you to your smear test.

This person can act as your voice or act as your advocate and so it's very important that you feel confident that you can dothis.

Remember that your GP service can do thesmear test but also most family planning clinics, sexual health clinics and theremay even be a well woman clinic in your local hospital who can do the smear testfor you.

Every woman feels embarrassed during her smear test.

If you think there are certain things that make youparticularly embarrassed, if you feel you're scarred or damage from the rapeor abuse, I can only reassure you that your smear taker does not register thesethings.

If you feel more comfortable disclosing them to your smear taker before they examine you, that might make it easier for you.

Source: Youtube