Breast Cancer..A Silent Killer


This video is for educational purpose only and spreading awareness among women.

Self-dIscretion is fully advised throughout the presentation.

In case of any abnormalities and doubt, please consult with the registered medical practitioners for more help about this disease.

Breast cancer, a silent killer.

Globally more than 1 million of women are prone to catching of this disease at any stage of their lives.

According to some studies 1 out of every 8 women in USA is vulnerable to this disease, so that makes this disease very critical and sensitive to discuss upon.

Breast Cancer facts, Breast cancer is the second most leading cause of death among women especially, it is the second most common cancer after cervical in women.

All women are at risk as soon as they attain the puberty roughly around 10 11 or 12 years of age and till the menopause they can develop this disease at any point of time.


1% of man are also at risk too.

it is because the breast is more developed in women so men are not that much susceptible to this disease as women do.

Anatomy of the Breast Breast sits on the chest, which is made of 15 to 20 lobes which contain many smaller lobules which contain tiny glands that can produce milk.

The milk flows from the lobules through thin tubes called ducts to the nipple.

The nipple is in the center of a dark area of skin called the areola and the lobules and duct is the space in between, is filled with some fats.

There are mostly two types of breast cancer that is Ductal Carcinoma which originates in ducts that carry milk to nipples.

If cancer is confind to ducts, it is called Ductal Carcinoma In-Situ, usually found on mammogram.

If moved beyond ducts that is known as invasive or infiltrating cancer.

The second one is Lobular carcinoma, this is a rare phenomenon and just not that much seen and observed.

It is always caused by genetic abnormalities and 5-10% of cancers are due to an abnormality, inherited from mother or father.

About 90% of breast cancers are due to genetic abnormalities that happen as a result of the ageing process and the 'wear & tear' of life process in general.

As we know that cells in the body have their own mechanism to break down and to build up new proteins and new system of survival so during that process, if some kind of mutation is originated, that can lead to the cancer.

Risk Factors, when we talk about gender, females i.



9% of females are prone to this cancer and it does not leave the possibility of males not being prone to this disease.

As far as Race is concerned, it is more common in Whites, part of Caucasian generations.

Age- it increases as woman gets older.

Relativeas- it is inherited from mother or father so it can be found in the subject or its sister.

The menstrual history- if the menstrual cycle is on early onset and that is going to late menopause, it could develop this cancer in women.

Childbirth- 1st child after the age of 30 or having no children at all, makes women more prone and vulnerable.

As far as the lifestyle is concerned, Obesity, diet, which is including more fatty acids, excessive use of alcohol, lack of physical activity, stress.

As in this modern world, the stress is found generally in each and every strata of the society, thus it is very difficult to rule out.

Lack of rest and sleep, radiation exposure, air pollution- this is being one of the most dangerous cause of concern among the elites in the world which is making each and every highly possible leaders and their policies being diverted towards air pollution.

History of cancer- If the subject had suffered through breast cancer,uterine, cervix or ovarian cancer, that can ultimately consequence to the breast cancer.

That means there is a possibility.

Hormonal- Estrogen in hormone replacement therapy and birth control pills that could again be factors for breast cancer.

Genetics- certain conditions that are inherited from father, mother or could be passed on to the daughters & sons.

These are the symptoms of breast cancer please go through this page for more information.

Diagnosis of breast cancer the phenotype appearance of the breast cancer of the body part.

As far as the prevention is concerned, breast cancer risk factor can be controlled, that means the subject or individual do have control over some factors which can restrict the possibility of bringing this disease in.



capacity can be controlled through regular exercises, and maintaining the healthy lifestyle, not having children beyond 30 as i said, could be planned accordingly.

Breastfeeding in many societies- it has been observed that women are escaping their children from breastfeeding, and despite knowing this fact that the first milk of mother is very much important for the newborn, and if the newborn is not getting that, it may develop some diseases in the newborns.

Therefore breastfeeding does not dis-shape your figures or your general outlook.

So breast feeding exercise should not be avoided at any cost.

Alcohol consumption as it is overall bad for health and it should be avoided.

Regular exercises, hormone replacement therapy, these things can be controlled very well and it is under the hands of the subjects or individuals to keep this disease away.

Screening for breast cancer A good self-awareness, monthly self-exams, clinical breast examinations and mammograms.

Screening- these are the average sizes of Lumps can be found by women by self exercising their screens.

as far as the self examination is concerned it gives a vast potential and opportunity for women to know about the disease at the very early stage of their examination.

If this disease is found in the early stage then the precautionary and the procedural part can be taken at the early stage and the disease can be controlled early.

These are the schedule for different age groups and different menstrual cycle running women that what to do and when to do the self examinations of breast.

these are some basica exercises which can be articulated at home and doing a very simple exercise by standing in front of mirror.

for eg.

the number 1 says, lie down and put your left arm under your head, use your right hand to examine your left breast with your three model fingers flat, move gently in small circular motions over the entire breast checking for any lumps, hard knot or thickening.

Use different level of suppression, light medium and firm over each area of your breast.

Check the whole breast from your collarbone above your breasts down to the ribs below your breast.

switch arms and repeat on the other breast.

Same like 2, 3 and no.

4, there are different postures to check out some lumps or any abnormalities within the mammalian glands.

Why don't more women practice Breast self-examination, these are social barriers, that means the fear of being noticed, Embarrassment, that if they find themselves having these kind of lumps whom to share these things with.

In many societies like Gulf or Asian societies, especially in South Asia, these kind of things are even considered socially restricted and taboo, and it needs to be behind the 'Purdah' so it restrict women from going out and consulting with doctors and medical practitioners which accumulates the fear and the magnitude of the disease gets keep on increasing increasing increasing and by the time the disease becomes easily visible and the symptom starts coming out the disease has already gone out of the hands and which ultimately leads to the death of the women.

So, these kind of social barriers need to be eradicated and so much of co-ordination and bond should be built up between the different age groups people, so that these kind of critical issues can be discussed openly and with some sense of respectability.

The youth- do not care about these kind of things and they believe that they are leading a healthy lifestyle and they're eating good, living good and wearing good so probably they won't get these diseases and as i said earlier in this video, that this disease does not have any barriers or any criteria to develop.

It can develop at any stage to anyone, anybody.

The lack of knowledge- Since South Asia especially far East there are many economically vulnerable people and they did not hold that much of the knowledge, so this lack of knowledge again builds up the stage for this disease to develop.

So, a co-ordinated and a well-integrated responsible system has to be developed between the health authorities of the states and the people, so that a proper information channel can be built up.

It could be done through local NGOs through political parties, through teachers, professors, voluntery students.

Many of the ways out it can be done.

Too busy, forgetfulness, these are some kind of ir-responsible behavioral things which invites this disease to come on.

This is the clinical Breast examinations performed by Dr.

, trained nurses practitioners and this is the schedule given for different age groups women like over 40 between 20 & 40, so discretion is advised.

Mammography- can be practiced once a month or annually for 20-40 age group people maybe once in 3 years.

So, these kind of scans can give update information that what is happening inside, and which reduces the chances of irresponsible behavior towards this.

Treatment for breast cancer includes mainly surgery radiation therapy chemotherapy, hormonal therapy.

This is breast reconstruction these figure shows that these kind of preventive measures are possible.

Pre and post expander implant- The phenotype of Breast would somewhere look like this, if the patient goes a perfect or as far as possible, a complete treatment, then the disease do not harm that much.

Otherwise the breast removal can be possible.

This is prognosis after breast cancer- stage 0 1 2 3 4, 5 years survival, 10 years survival after the prognosis.

Discretion is advised again.

Some Myths and Facts based on social political and economic behavior of different societies around the globe.

Touching the Breast too often will lead to cancer, this is a myth and possibly it is restricting the rational behavior of patients to come out and openly speak about the disease.

Talking about cancer causes cancer, this is again a myth which has generally followed in traditional societies especially in the East.

Using illegal drugs causes cancer.

Herbs cure breast cancer.

A bruise on the Breast will lead to breast cancer.

If an incision is made during breast cancer surgery, the cancer will spread.

Getting too many mammograms leads to breast cancer.

Mammograms are only used to evaluate Breast lumps.

Breast cancer only affects older women this is the biggest myth which creates or develops the irresponsible behavior among youth.

The youth completely divert its attention from this disease away and they only believe that this disease has direct proportionate cause of concern with the older people.

However the situation and reality is altogether different.

So the behavioral change among youth is again important.

If you have the risk factor for breast cancer you are likely to get the disease.

Usin Antiperspirants i.


product to control body odur and sweating causes breast cancer.

bBeast cancer diagnosis is an automatic death sentence, Breast cancer is not preventable etc.

As you see, that these kind of myths are far away from rationality that is again away from the approved medical practices, so through this video, I would like to suggest and advise my viewers and listeners that please break these kind of socio-economic and political barriers.

Please support those people also, who still feel shy to come up openly and speak about this disease.

Because many of the women knowing that they are suffering from this disease they do not come out of their zone of privacy and that privacy is not giving them the satisfaction, that is enforced upon them.

So please help those people by spreading maximum possible awareness through social media like facebook, twitter, instagram or any other social platforms and writing columns in the newspapers in the regional languages and in the regional dialects, could be again a big help for those who are not coming on the public front and talking about this disease.

29 breast cancer is diagnosed every second around the world and in the USA it's every 2 minutes.

So, the ultimate message of this video has been, that early detection of this very critical disease saves lives.

So friends, i strongly urge an appeal to all the viewers and listeners that please co-operate even if you are not suffering from this disease.

Please talk about the disease openly because we need the newer generation that needs to be healthy, and if women are not there especially talking about the healthy women, then the next forecoming generation would not be that much healthy.

So for the continuous ongoing process of the world we need to work collectively and coordinated.

Please co-operate as far as our friends, family & other fellows are concerned, and please cooperate with the states and authorities, so that a proper information and communication channel can be developed in which each one of us can be fitted and nobody can be neglected and avoided from this critical information over these kind of diseases especially cancers.

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much Thank you so much, we'll see you again.


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