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Belly Fat Burn in one week | How To Lose Belly Fat Fast


How to lose belly fat fastNEVER STOP MOVING Try anything for losing belly fat fast thatgets your heart rate up like running, biking, swimming or aerobic exercise.

LOAD UP ON PROTEIN Protein is necessary for lose belly fat becauseit protect you against insulin resistance which body produces with age.

This insulinhelps for fat storage especially around the belly.

Try Yoga Yoga can help you to reduce belly fat becauseit lower level the cortisol hormone which is interrelated to belly fat.

SLEEP BETTER Five hour or less sleep per night can increasevisceral fat levels and leads to obesity; sleep six to eight hours daily is good foryour health and weight loss goals.

DRINK TEAGreen tea is antioxidant and beneficial to lose abdominal fat with moderate exercise.

Take two to three cups daily for fast weight loss.

EAT MORE FIBER Take more than 10 grams soluble fibers perday which reduces visceral fat by 3.

7 %.

One cup green peas, half cup of pinto beans andtwo small apples are the best choice for daily intake of fibers to lose belly fat.

Add this green fruit to your diet Avocado contains monounsaturated fatty acidswhich stop blood sugar spikes which is responsible to store fat around your abdomen.

Add ¼ cupservings of green fruit like avocado in your diet can reduce belly fat.

Skip your daily soda habit Skip your daily soda habit and replace itwith infused water, green tea and belly slimming staple.

Take 3 liters water daily help youto reduce belly fat fast.

BURN THE FATIf you want to reduce belly fat fast then do plenty of cardiovascular exercise whichbring your heart rate up that keep this condition for twenty minutes like• Walking • Basketball• tennis • jogging• swimming • racquetball• aerobics • bicycling.

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