Back Fat Bra




For women who are in the process of working on their back fat, there remains the problem of back bulge when getting dressed for the day. It’s a problem few women know how to deal with, yet there are a variety of solutions.

Using Back Fat Bras Everyday

Back fat bras, also known as back smoother bras, have become a staple in many women’s closets. These bras are made of microfiber materials to create a smooth back while removing any bulges that may crop up with excessive back fat.

But how to choose the best bra for back fat that’s right for you? Well, there are several to choose from, but here are five that will give you a taste of what is available on the market today.


Vanity Fair Women’s Beauty Back Full-Figure Underwire Bra

This no back fat bra is made for women who have a bust size of 36C and bigger, going all the way to 42DDD. For full-figured women like the ones who would choose this bra, comfort and support are the biggest selling points.

Underwire bras like these have leotard backs, which makes it easier to smooth any unwanted bulges. And the thick straps and four-row hook-and-eyes combined with the underwire support of the bra itself makes it the most comfortable all-day bra for women will fuller busts.

Bali Women’s Comfort Indulgence Back Smoothing Foam Underwire Bra

A bra that comes in sizes ranging from a 34B to a 42DD, this bra from Bali incorporates smoothing foam with a seamless pair of underwire cups. It also has back-smoothing wings, a feature that sees the bra supported by thick wings of fabric on either side for a bulge-free look all over.

Leonisa’s Posture Corrector Wireless Back Support Bra

A bra that offers posture control as well as back-slimming effects, this wireless bra from Leonisa is one of the most comfortable on the market. Coming in sizes ranging from 32B to 40DD, this bra is perfect for working out in or just going to run errands.

A feature that you may find interesting is that this bra was also created for women who have recently been through breast surgery, so relieving breast and back pain is one of Leonisa’s goals. And with the criss-cross reinforcement bands and the hook and eye adjustable straps, the Posture Corrector is perfect for women who want to stand up straighter and look leaner from all sides.

Cortland Longline Posture Bra

A great find for women who are looking to reduce shoulder and back pain while slimming their bodies, the Cortland Posture Bra is known for its breathable mesh fabric and front hook closure for better access. Coming in three colors and with a size range of 34B to 52DDD, this bra gives women better support and slimming coverage all over.

Vanity Fair Women’s Plus-Size Back-Smoothing Full-Figure Wire-Free Bra

Much like its big sister the full-figure underwire bra, Vanity Fair’s full figure wire-free bra allows women who find underwires uncomfortable to partake in the back-smoothing features of the bra lines without the unfortunate wires.

Available in 40B to 44DD for the fuller-figured women, this style is noted for its hook-and-eye closures in the back, nestled in the leotard style that helps to smoothe a woman’s back. With thick, comfortable straps and seamless material, this bra is perfect to wear every day.

These bras that hide back fat are by no means all that new of an invention — but they are increasingly sought after by women who feel the need to have extra support in their lives. For any woman looking to have a smooth appearance all over, one of these five bras listed above will be the answer you’re looking for.

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