15 Colon Cancer Symptoms That Shouldn’t Be Ignored




Colon cancer (also called colorectal cancer) is a form of cancer that occurs in the lower part of the digestive canal, which includes the colon and rectum.

Early detection is the key to survival. Beware of these 15 most common symptoms…

1Changes in Stool Movement



Since the cancer affects the digestive system, one’s bowel habits are often the first to show signs of change.

You may notice diarrhea, constipation or just a general change in stool consistency. These problems tend to last for several days, signaling that it is not just a simple digestive issue.

2Blood in Stool


This is another very common warning sign of colon cancer. It occurs after the cancerous polyps open up and start bleeding. Sometimes, blood in stool is not noticeable to the naked eye and requires a lab test to detect.

Bright red blood indicates a polyp near the end of the rectum while dark stool shows a bleeding problem deeper inside the colon.