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10 Ways to Burn Fat More Efficiently


10 Ways to Burn Fat More Efficiently.

People who are fit have more fat burning metabolitesin the blood than sedentary people.

The following are the most efficient ways to burn fat.


Go for a run.

You'll continue to burn fat and calories onceyou finish running.

A study from Yale University found that people who run at least four hoursa week burn more calories than those who do not run.

Listen to music with good tempo torun at a faster pace.


Work stronger at the beginning.

A study by the University of New Jersey reportedthat you can burn up to 23% more fat if you work harder in the first stage of your training.

Try to stay at 80% of the maximum heart rate for 40 minutes, this will help increase yourmetabolism for up to 19 hours post-exercise.


Lift weights.

More muscle equals to an increase in metabolism.

Doing slow repetitions helps increase strength by up to 50%.

Prefer using weights becauseactivate more the muscle fibers than machines.

If you do weights before cardio you will burneven more fat.


Vary the intensity.

Switching between episodes of high intensityand low cardiovascular intensity has proven to increase metabolism.


Work with kettlebells.

Not only the work with kettlebell helps buildmuscle, but if you do it for 20 minutes you can burn the same calories as if you go runningat a pace of 6 minutes per mile for the same amount of time.


Play football.

Playing football not only burns more fat andcreates more muscle compared to running, but it makes you feel less tired, reveals a Danishstudy.


Eat more protein.

Eating lean protein at breakfast and lunchhelps burn more fat after meals if you eat foods low in protein, according to Australianresearch.

Add eggs at breakfast and chicken breast or fish at lunch.


Drink tea or coffee.

Drink 5 cups (5 ounces) of green tea a dayor 2 cups of coffee.

Caffeine from these drinks will help you burn more fat.


Do not eat fewer than 1,200 calories.

The person enters a state of "no burn calories"when consumes fewer than 1,200 calories.

Stress creates more body fat, so do not allow yourbody to go into this state.

Do not skip meals and eat every 3 to 4 hours.


Choose low glycemic index carbohydrates.

These avoid abrupt changes in blood glucoseand insulin, and therefore will not be stored as fat.

Prefer a graham cracker cookie insteadof refined flour.

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